Weather in your Console

I've been experimenting with writing command line tools in node.js recently and it turns out to be a fantastic platform for doing so. It's really easy to get information from an API and format it for a console. As a result, I present console-weather, a simple tool for printing the current weather conditions based on a geolocation of your IP address.

You can install it via npm with

npm install -g console-weather

You'll need to get an API key from the Weather Underground API and store it in your WEATHER_API environment variable.

Usage: weather [OPTION]...
Print the current weather conditions and forecast.

    -c       Output temperature in celsius.
    -f       Print 4-day forecast.
    --color  Colorize the output.

I'll be posting more on the topic of command line node in the future; so if you're interested, stay tuned.

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