Transit Widget on Google Play

Android app on Google Play

I never quite got around to posting here, but TransitWidget, an application started at a Google Technology User Group hackathon I participated in a while back is now available for free on Google Play. It supports all bus services that NextBus supports, including the MBTA, MTA and SF Muni. If you like the idea of having a widget on your home or lock screen that displays the time till the next bus, you might like it.

MyGeode on the Android Market and Startup Weekend Boston

MyGeode, a location-based todo list app I had the pleasure of developing is now available on the Android Market for the reasonable price of $0.99.

MyGeode was a project I pitched last week at Startup Weekend Boston and developed largely over the weekend with the help of Amir Banihashem (design), Ryan Newton (website), Judith da Silva (business) and Mike Gioia (business). I've spent the last week finishing up the app and getting it ready for publishing.

I think the app has potential and I plan to continue developing it, it's based around the idea that tasks should have locations associated with them and using that location can help make you more productive. Imagine if your task list could alert you when you're near the grocery store, or when you get to work, it could know that, and remind you of your high priority tasks for the day. If that sounds attractive to you, take a look at the app and let me know what you think.

The version I released today is a solid todo list with the core location features: notifications when you near a task, a map view that dispalys all your tasks on a map and a task view that gives you all the information you need to know about a task. I'm excited about it and I've got a great list of features I plan on adding to the app, including routing capability to help you plan the most efficient route to complete your tasks.

I feel it's important to give a plug to Startup Weekend, since this is the second time I've gone and it's been an amazing experience both times. This time I have an app in the market a week after the event and I'm still actively working on the project from last year's event. If you're at all interested in startups or building a software product, you owe it to yourself to check out an event like Startup Weekend. It's 54 hours of insane fun and a great opportunity to connect with the local startup scene. If you do go, make sure to take advantage of the mentors available; it's very helpful to talk to people who've done it before and get their feedback during the early stages of developing your idea.

To conclude, you should buy MyGeode from the Android Market and let me know what you think!