3D Renders
These are three dimensional versions of reality rendered on a two-dimensional plane for display in a three-dimensional environment.
  Castle Cube Download: [1680x1050]  
Castle Cube
  The Outpost Download: [1280x1024] [1600x1200] [1680x1050]  
Pattern Wallpapers
These wallpapers are minimalist designs, created with productivity in mind.
  Wave Download: [1680x1050]  
  Scanline Download: [1280x1024]  
  Wave Dual Download: [2960x1050]  
Winter Wallpapers
Wallpapers designed for the cold and beautiful season of Winter. When everything is covered in snow, shouldn't your desktop be as well?
  Snowflake Download: [1680x1050]  
  Winter Pine Download: [1280x1024]  
Winter Pine
Space Art
These are paintings of what might be out there somewhere; rendered with some added artistic liberties.
  Heart of the Night Download: [1024x768]  
Heart of the Night
  Birthplace of Stars Download: [1024x768]  
Birthplace of Stars
  Death of a Star Download: [1024x768]  
Death of a Star
  Starburst Download: [1650x1200]  
  In a Galaxy far, far away... Download: [1600x1200]  
In a Galaxy far, far away...
Anime Wallpapers
These are my take on existing works; either scans of physical media or other wallpapers I found intriguing.
  Witch Hunter Robin Download: [1280x1024]  
Witch Hunter Robin
  Marller Download: [1400x1050]  
  Computer Girl (Vector of existing work) Download: [1680x1050]  
Computer Girl

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